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 +{{/​file/​view/​Picture_19.png/​213087440/​Picture_19.png|Picture_19.png}}{{/​file/​view/​Picture_17.png/​308491296/​960x257/​Picture_17.png|Picture_17.png}}\\ \\ \\  Greetings ,\\ \\  Welcome to The CHARA Array wiki site. Here we have presented useful information regarding policies and procedures for The CHARA Array.\\ \\ [[http://​​|Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy]]\\ ​ The above link lists information from the Chara web site. It contains the Observing Schedule, current publications,​ technical reviews and various Mt. Wilson Observatory information.\\ [[/​Operating%20Procedures|Operating Procedures]] - Standard Observing Procedures at CHARA\\ [[/​Instruments|Instruments]] - Information on starting software for specific instruments and links to instrument manuals\\ [[/​Trouble%20Shooting|Trouble Shooting]] - Guide to solving common problems\\ [[/​Mountain%20Accommodations|Travel and Mountain Accommodations]] - Guidelines for visiting the summit.\\ [[/​Emergency%20Information|Emergency Information]]\\ [[http://​​Slides/​Schedule.pdf|Observing Schedule]]\\ \\ **__Links for current weather conditions.__**\\ [[http://​​towercam.htm|Tower Cam]]\\ [[http://​​MapClick.php?​site=lox&​smap=1&​textField1=34.22639&​textField2=-118.06528|Weather]]\\ [[http://​​~theo/​Dropbox/​Weather%20Site/​wxlocal.html|Current Conditions]]\\ \\ __**Links to some of our Collaborators'​ wiki sites.**__\\ [[http://​​|PAVO]]\\ [[http://​​vega/​en/​observations/​index.htm|VEGA]]\\ [[https://​​intra/​research/​monnier/​internal/​index.php/​Main_Page|MIRC]]\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\  
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