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-====== Home page for the Test Wiki ======+{{:chara:files:picture_19.png|Picture_19.png}}{{:chara:files:picture_17.png|Picture_17.png}}\\ 
 +Greetings ,\\ 
 +Welcome to The CHARA Array wiki site. Here we have presented useful information regarding policies and procedures for The CHARA Array.\\ 
 +[[|Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy]]\\ 
 +The above link lists information from the Chara web site. It contains the Observing Schedule, current publications, technical reviews and various Mt. Wilson Observatory information.\\ 
 +[[:chara:operating_procedures|Operating Procedures]] - Standard Observing Procedures at CHARA\\ 
 +[[:chara:instruments|Instruments]] - Information on starting software for specific instruments and links to instrument manuals\\ 
 +[[:chara:trouble_shooting|Trouble Shooting]] - Guide to solving common problems\\ 
 +[[|Observing information and accommodations]] - Guidelines for preparing observations and visiting the summit.\\  
 +[[:chara:emergency_information|Emergency Information]]\\ 
 +[[|Observing Schedule]]\\ 
 +**__Links for current weather conditions.__ ** \\ 
 +[[|Tower Cam]]\\ 
 +[[|Current Conditions]]\\ 
 +__**Links to some of our Collaborators' wiki sites.**__ \\ 
 +======   ======
-One can update the wiki by just updating text files. 
-And if we make another edit, how does that look? 
-===== Headline ===== 
-I want to see how the ToC looks 
-====== I need 3 headlines ====== 
-to see how the ToC looks 
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