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OSX Install

  • First, install XCode and MacPorts according to:
  • sudo port install gtk2 gnuplot
  • Install cfitsio directly from cfitsio_latest.tar.gz with
    ./configure –prefix=/usr/local, make the make install
  • Create a user “observe” and a group “observe”
  • Get both a michelson CVS account and a gitlab account. Clone Theo ten Brummelaar / CHARA Array Software Libraries 0
  • sudo mkdir /usr/local/lib/ui_help
  • sudo mkdir /ctrscrut
  • sudo mkdir /ctrscrut/chara/etc
  • sudo chgrp chara /ctrscrut/chara/data/,
    sudo chgrp chara /ctrscrut/chara/etc/
  • Setup Dropbox or do a periodic_rsync
  • In the etc directory, sudo make -f Makefile.remote install
  • You should now be able to make and sudo make install for the directory chara-array-software-libraries, then for the CVS directory control/cliserv
  • From gitlab, fetch telescope, ople, anything else that is new.
  • In telescope/gtkclient, ople/gtkclient, make and sudo make install.
  • To get a remote desktop (for servers), try: ssh -N -L5901:ctrscrut:5901

Note to Mike - you need to fork, then update:
cfitsio will not install and needs to be updated (see master Makefile for others…)
chara-array-software-libraries/cliserv/gtkclient/homer.wav needs to be added
In chara.h:

#define SCOPE_IMAGE_SAVE_DIRECTORY “/home/observe/Dropbox/Scopes”

… to something a little better. I tried:

#define SCOPE_IMAGE_SAVE_DIRECTORY “/ctrscrut/chara/data/Scopes”

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