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Text Commands for CHARA GUIs

Most guis can be opened from an icon on the desktop. For those that cannot, use these text commands for GUI startup.

Remember to use the & to keep the gui open after the terminal is closed.

Weather: weathergtk
Scope Monitor: scopemon
Shutters: shutgtk
Telescope GUIs: telescopegtk XX example: telescopegtk S1

Obsgtk: obsgtk S1

Dome GUIs: domegtk XX example: domegtk S1
Tiptilt: tiptiltgtk or tiptiltgtk -E

LDC1: espgtk LDC1
LDC2: espgtk LDC2
PERI1: espgtk PERI1
PERI2: espgtk PERI2
OPLE: opletab u1 (For primary OPLE)
new PoPs with PERIs: popperigtk
POPS: popgtk
Socket Manager: sockman

Below is the Command Cheat Sheet for starting CHARA servers and GUIs for observing. This file can be viewed by typing “more /chara/observe/command_cheat_sheet” on a control computer.

    PRIMARY OPLE server    xople1
    SECONDARY OPLE server  xople2
    TERTIARY OPLE server   xople3
    GPS server             xgps
    METROL server          xmetrol
    CLASSIC server         xclimb -u2 -c
    CLIMB 1 server         xclimb -u1
    CLIMB 2 server         xclimb -u2
    JOUFLU server          xjouflu
    S1 server              xs1
    S2 server              xs2
    E1 server              xe1
    E2 server              xe2
    W1 server              xw1
    W2 server              xw2
    S2 labao server        xlabaos2
    VACMON server          xvacmon
    ARCCCD server          xarc_ccd
    TIPTILT server         xtiptilt
    PAVO server            xpavo
    REFCAM server          xrefcam
Pico Controllers
    #1                     xpico1
    #2                     xpico2
    #3                     xpico3
    #4                     xpico4
    #5                     xpico5
    #6                     xpico6
    #7                     xpico7
Zaber Controllers
    #1                    zabergtk ZABER_1 &
    #2                    zabergtk ZABER_2 &
ESP Controllers
    Beam Sampler          bsgtk BS &
    LDC S1/S2/W1          espgtk LDC1 &
    LDC W2/E2/E1          espgtk LDC2 &
    Periscopes S1/S2/W1   espgtk PERI1 &
    Periscopes W2/E2/E1   espgtk PERI2 &
    Retro                 espgtk RETRO &
    Beam Combiner 1       espgtk BC1 &
    Vis Beams             visbeamsgtk &
    Eng Beams             engbeamsgtk &
Telescope GUIs
    S1                    telescopegtk s1 &
    S2                    telescopegtk s2 &
    E1                    telescopegtk e1 &
    E2                    telescopegtk e2 &
    W1                    telescopegtk w1 &
    W2                    telescopegtk w2 &
    S1                    hutgtk S1 &
    S2                    hutgtk S2 &
    E1                    hutgtk E1 &
    E2                    hutgtk E2 &
    W1                    hutgtk W1 &
    W2                    hutgtk W2 &
Labao GUIs
    S2                   labaogtk S2 &
    S1                   wfsgtk S1 &
Dome GUIs
    S1                   domegtk S1 &
    S2                   domegtk S2 &
    E1                   domegtk E1 &
    E2                   domegtk E2 &
    W1                   domegtk W1 &
    W2                   domegtk W2 &
Telescope Monitor        scopemon &
    Primary Ople         opletab -u1 &
    Secondary Ople       opletab -u2 &
    Tertiary Ople        opletab -u3 &
    Classic              climbgtk -u2 -c &
    Climb 1              climbgtk -u1 &
    Climb 2              climbgtk -u2 &
    Tiptilt              tiptiltgtk &
    PAVO                 pavozabergtk &
    OPLE System Controller    ssh -Y ople /opt/bin/OPLERemCtrlApp
Cosmic Debris
    Primary             cosmic_debris -o1 &
    Secondary           cosmic_debris -o2 &
    Tertiary            cosmic_debris -o3 &
Socket Manager          sockman &
Power                   rpcgtk RPC_S1 RPC_S2 RPC_E1 RPC_E2 RPC_W1 RPC_W2 RPC_LABPOW RPC_RACK_2 RPC_RACK_3 &
Beam Samplers           xbsgtk
Vis Beams               visbeamsgtk &
GPS                     gpsgtk &
Enclosures              cylindergtk &
Metrology Laser         xmetlas
Metrology Monitor       xmetrolgtk
PoPs                    xpop
Shutters                xshutgtk
Vacuum Monitor          vacmongtk &
Weather                 weathergtk &
Laser Filter Wheel      thorlabs_fw102gtk Laser_Filters &
Vega Periscope          vega_periscope &
Iris                    iris &
Aperture Wheels         apwheels &
RefCam                  refcamgtk &
New PoPs with PERIs     popperigtk &, opened with a terminal that is left open on the desktop

MIRCX/MYSTIC            mircx_launch_all_guis   opens 5 guis for both combiners
fiberexplorer           mircx_fiberexplorer_gtk
rtd                     mircx_rtd_gtk
gdt                     mircx_gdt_gtk

NIRO filter wheel       niro_filter_gtk &
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