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Telecon 006 of August 2, 2007

Next telecon on the “Platform of US based optical interferometers” is planned for
Thursday August 2, 2pm Pasadena/Flagstaff 3pm Socorro, 5pm DC/Atlanta


Topic #1: preparation for the Austin meeting (8-12 January 2008, Austin, TX).

  1. Update on interferometry special session (Hal)
  2. Preparation for PLOI talk/posters/brochures for AAS meeting (Hal)
  3. Agenda for board meeting (Eric)
  4. Charter (Eric)

Topic #2: white paper for ReStar committee (Rachel, Steve)

Topic #3: white paper to decadal review (Theo)

Topic #4: Any other business
SPIE2008 meeting
Scope of PLOI Wiki page: Should we broaden access to these pages, that is, should we let the readers of OLBIN know about it?
IAU Science Briefs

Topic #5: Status of open action items
Hal: Followup on proposal for special session in Austin.
Eric: Set up a wiki to be hosted at MRO.
Rachel: Gather information about ReStar.
Eric: Modify the MOU.
All: Help flesh out the science case(s).
?: Choose an NSF official to invite to meet with us in Austin.

Topic #6: next telecom

end of telecon“

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