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Telecon 007 of September 6, 2007


Topic #1: list of nominees for chair of PLOI board
The list of nominees has been distributed on August 31, 2007. The next step in this process is that nominees accept their nomination, and we obtain a short list of those we are candidate for the chair position of PLOI.
Nominated individuals are

Rachel Akeson
declined nomination
Theo ten Brummelaar
accepts nomination
Michelle Creech-Eakman
accepts nomination
Hal McAlister
declined nomination
Charles Townes
declined nomination

Topic #2: adoptation of the charter (all, by verbally agreeing)
Text of charter available here .

Topic #3: update regarding ReStar committee (Rachel, Steve)
1. Discussion of white paper draft

Topic #4: update regarding Austin meeting (8-12 January 2008, Austin, TX).

  1. Update on interferometry special session (Hal)
  2. pending: Preparation for PLOI talk/posters/brochures for AAS meeting (Hal)

Topic #5: white paper to decadal review (Theo)

Topic #6: Any other business

Topic #7: Status of open action items
AI01: Rachel to write draft white paper for ReStar committee
AI02: Hal to arrange for conference room for “Open session meeting of PLOI”
AI03: all to submit list of nominee's to Steve by August 20th
AI04: Steve to compile list of nominees and send this to PLOI board members by August 31th
AI05: all, to review text for decadal review on wiki
AI06: Theo to look into subscribing to the wikipages in order to have control over who makes changes.
AI07: Hall to announce interferometry session at AAS Austin meeting through OLBIN

Topic #8: The name of this organization
Perhaps we can find a name with less negatvie connotations.

Topic #9: next telecom
Set date for next telecon

end of telecon

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