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Telecon 008 of October 18, 2007


Action item: all, to suggest a name for our platform. Distribute names before the meeting
Action item: Theo and Michelle to prepare a short presentation
Action item: all, to send Rachel input on the ReStar white paper by September 10, 2007

Topic #1: update on ReStar activities (Rachel, Steve)

Topic #2: adaptation of the charter by consent

Topic #3: presentation by nominees for chair position (Theo and Michelle)
Each candidates gives a short presentation (10 minutes) on what they would like to focus on when they were selected chair of the platform. The first nominee to present is Theo, followed by Michelle.
After the telecon, each board member send their vote to Steve with a due date of October 30th. On November 1th, Steve will announce who has the most votes and will be the new chair person.

New chair takes up his/her role

Topic #4: update on AAS meeting (Austin, Jan 10, 2008) (Hal)

Topic #5: selection of name for platform (all)

Topic #6: any other business

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