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2014 Interferometry Forum

Newly Released: The 2014 Forum Report (draft 2014-08-26)

When: June 28th, 2014; 9am - 5:45pm

Where: Université de Montréal, Pavillion Roger-Gaudry, Room D-460 (directions).

Purpose: The objective of this forum was to provide a venue for exchanges on planning, opportunities, collaborations, possible coordination, issues related to the optimization and science operation of current array facilities, and opportunities for the future. A workshop environment was provided, and a modest attendance, so that extended discussions engaging all participants were possible and encouraged. Our aim was to provide a measured, deliberate environment that compliments the pace of the more frenetic SPIE meeting.


Time Duration Topic Discussion Lead Archivist
09:00 00:30 Opening / Context of Forum Gerard van Belle Olivier Absil
09:30 00:45 Notable Technical Developments from the SPIE Antoine Mérand Tom Armstrong
10:15 00:30 Break
10:45 00:45 Planet Formation Imager: Design John Monnier Theo ten Brummelaar
11:30 00:45 Planet Formation Imager: Science Stefan Kraus Ifan Payne
12:15 01:00 Lunch
13:15 00:45 VLTI developments / VLT in the ELT era Jean-Philippe Berger Fabien Malbet
14:00 00:45 Steps to Space-Based Facilities Stephen Rinehart Dave Mozurkewich
14:45 00:30 Break
15:15 00:30 OIFITS v2.0 John Young open
15:45 00:45 Databases Xavier Haubois Guillaume Mella
16:30 00:45 New Developments for Operational Facilities Peter Tuthill Eric Thiébaut
17:15 00:30 Wrap-up Gerard van Belle David Buscher
17:45 00:00 End of day
Confirmed Participants
Gerard van Belle (Lowell Observatory, chair)
Noel Richardson (U de Montreal, local host)
Olivier Absil (Université de Liège)
Tom Armstrong (NRL)
Ellyn Baines (NRL)
Jean-Philippe Berger (ESO)
David Buscher (Cambridge)
Alain Chelli (IPAG)
Vincent Coudé du Foresto (Observatoire Paris-Meudon)
Xavier Haubois (Observatoire de Paris)
Mike Ireland (Macquarie University)
Rainer Köhler (MPIA)
Lucas Labadie (Universität zu Köln)
Fabien Malbet (Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble)
Guillaume Mella (JMMC / Obs. Grenoble)
Antoine Mérand (ESO)
John Monnier (U. Michigan)
Dave Mozurkewich (Seabrook Engineering)
Matthew Muterspaugh (TSU)
Claudia Paladini (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Ifan Payne (NMT)
Andreas Quirrenbach (Heidelberg)
Suvendu Rakshit (OCA)
Steve Ridgway (NOAO)
Stephen Rinehart (NASA GSFC)
Giorgio Savini (UCL)
Henrique Schmitt (NRL)
Theo ten Brummelaar (CHARA)
Peter Tuthill (U. Sydney)
Michel Tallon (Observatoire de Lyon, France)
Eric Thiébaut (Observatoire de Lyon, France)
Stefan Kraus (University of Exeter)
Gaetan Dalla Vedova (OCA)
John Young (University of Cambridge)

Details on the previous Forum are available here as well.

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