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Computer Selection

2012-01-17 Email from Nils:

Hi all
I've done a quick search for small computers for the WFS camera
control.  If latencies with respect to "camera link"-compatible cards
are acceptable, we can go as small as a mini-itx motherboard and case.
 Here, everything fits in an 8x8x4in package.  For example:
Camera Link card:
If we have to use the Andor interface card, we will need a full-depth
case and the micro-atx motherboard.
In talking with the Andor rep last week, Theo mentioned something
about a splitter box used with the UofA and Hawaii systems.  If the
computer end of the interface equation uses a short PCI or PCI-E (less
than 6 inches deep), than we can use the mini-itx solution.  Once the
technical requirements are sorted out, I will revisit the computer
packaging requirements.

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