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Original Project Summary: Project_Summary.pdf

Original Project Description: Project_Description.pdf

Calcium Fluoride Specs: crystran_caf2.pdf

SPIE paper on assessment of DMs: DM_assessment_PSI64670F.pdf

Report on test of OAP: Test_Report_CHARA_OAPs_9-03-2011.pdf

Optical Layout as of 2011-9-22: AO-9-22-11.pdf chara_20110921.pdf chara_20110921_spots.pdf

Budget as proposed to NSF: TipTilt Equipment 2011-04-18.pdf

Optical layout as of 2012-01-17: 01-17-2012-ver.jpg

Optical layout as of 2012_06_12: Pictures.pdf

Modification of Layout after meeting: beacon1.jpg beacon2.jpg beacon2_cropped.jpg carousel-1.jpg carousel-2.jpg

carousel-3_cropped.jpg Carousel1.jpg Carousel2.jpg everything.jpg laser.jpg laser1.jpg laser2.jpg starlight.jpg starlight1.jpg

view1.jpg view1_cropped.jpg view2.jpg

Files for 2012-07-26 Meeting

Possible Camerlink cards: PCIDV_CLink.pdf EPIX

Quotation and Specifications for Computer: quotation_97535_georgia_state_university_062612-1su.pdf PBPE-06P2.pdf ROBO-8110VG2AR.pdf IRC-306.pdf

Comments on visible Coatings: Visible_Coatings

Files for 2012-08-16 Meeting

Flat Wavefronts Simulation report: SimulationsCHARAAO.pdf

Comments on Simulation: 2012_08_16_JM_COmments

Files for 2012-09-06 Meeting

JDM powerpoint of initial wavefront sensor design:

Comments from Steve: 2012_09_06_notes_from_Steve

Files for 2012-10-03 Meeting

Files for 2012-11-08 Meeting

Images of Laszlo's dichroic changer prototype:
Front view
Side view A
Side view B


Files for 2012-12-06 Meeting

Files for 2013-03-28 Meeting

Files for 2013-04-17 Meeting

Files for 2013-06-13 Meeting

Files for 2013-07-25 Meeting

Files for 2013-08-15 Meeting

Files for 2013-10-31 Meeting

Files for 2013-11-07 Meeting

Files for 2014-04-25 Meeting

Files and Notes for 2014_08_13 Meeting

Yesterday we got the beacon from the scope to the Lab-AO WFS:
The four spots on the right are all there but faint due to the lower periscope obscuration.

Things we should talk about:

1. What is the dumb factor of 2 I am missing in the math?
2. How far apart should the WFS unit be form the lens? How do we best align this? Note that we now have about 13.5 pixels between spots.
3. Is the DM working as well as we would like? Should we buy more parts?
4. The WFS is proving to be a great aid in alignment.
5. How exactly is the WFS unit put together. The focus is for between the lenslet and the camera right?
6. The seems to be enough light coming form the beacon in YSO mode, although more would be nice.
7. We need computer controlled micrometers on the WFS on the scope.
8. There is a lot of clean up work to do on scope WFS code.
9. Plan to try using both systems together Thursday night.
10. Camera link is working in test program but not in thread…. which I do not understand.
11. Automated control of dichroic at scope to keep systems co-aligned is coming soon.
12. What is the status of the remaining WFS?
13. What is the status of the table installation?
14. What is the status of the dichroic shifters?
15. What is the status of the quotes for DM's?
16. We need to be able to add low order offsets to the LAB-AO WFS output so we can correct for scope problems as detected by the scope WFS.

Files for 2018-07-10 Discussion on AO Servo

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