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WFS Installation and Tests

2013 10 31

List of things we need to test as of today:

1. TT closeloop. After I correct the background bug, I'd like to see if the new system can lock
the star.

2. sensitivity. I took some data when I was at CHARA without the star being locked by either tiptilt or the new AO system.
I think it will be useful to take some data when the star is locked by the new AO system if it is working.

3. FWHM of image spots. I only took data with long exposure, we should do this on a bright target with short exposure (0.001s).

4. motorized actuators on WFS. I'd like to see if they are working as expected. To do this, I will need to implement the control
software first.

5. testing the focus in the plane of pin hole. Based on the fact that the number of illuminated subapertures changes as the star
drifts across the pinhole, I think the focus is not well in the plane of pinhole. I think this will require the movement of the parabolic mirror.

Here are tests I have already done when I was at CHARA, but there is no harm to take some more data and
see if this has been changed.

6. stream of frames to see if the spots movement matches expectation.

7. Field of view. taking data with different tiptilt offset.

8. sensitivity to vibration. taking data with beacon on, while shaking the board by hand and rotate the telescope.

From Theo

- Coude alignment stability. How much does the “hole” move wrt to the lab laser when we move around the sky?

- Lab tiptilt offload. Theo tiptilt center of the WFS and the lab tiptilt are going to move wrt to each other. We need a way of offloading a tiptilt offset from the lab to the WFS. The ways we talked about doing this were:

1. Moving the Collimator in the WFS.
2. Moving the area of interest on the WFS CCD.
3. Moving the large dichroic on the scope.

I like (3) the best but we need to try each them and see how well they work.

Results of tests in January 2014: CHARA AO commissioning run report 2014Jan.pdf

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