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Using labao

Tweaking the LAB DM

From anywhere inside the CHARA control side network, the deformable mirror can be tweaked by typing from a command prompt:
speak LABAO_S2
setzern 1 0.6setzern 6 0.05
These numbers may change with time - the only verified on-sky numbers are above, used for PAVO on 14 April with excellent image quality. The numbers used by Judit in lab alignment have been:
setzern 1 0.7setzern 6 0
Please email Mike or edit this page with any new numbers that are used and the date.
Running labao
The preferred way to run the labao server is to run from within the CHARA network:
vncviewer ctrscrut:1

If the “vncviewer” program isn't installed on the computer you are using, please email Nils or Theo. The password is an old DEFAULT_USERNAME password. To run this from outside CHARA, you will need to port forward, e.g.:
ssh -N -L 5911:ctrscrut:5901
(put this in background)
vncviewer localhost:5911(or in Mac, connet to server vnc:localhost:5911)
This will bring up a desktop where hopefully someone has already logged into the labao computer and has typed “run_labao”. If it isn't running, then this means that Judit or someone else is running the server elsewhere.

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