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Hello Theo. Denis say me that you are interested by informations about cameralink …. We have now a camera 4K Gazelle from Point Grey with 2 cameralink output . 1 output is named “Base” the second “full” and we have dedicated cable with the same name. If we don't well connect name on name it's not working.

Cameralink is working with a maximum of 3 meters. We have custom 10 meters cables amplified from Bit Maxx (1Keuros for 2 cables)

Caution take care off the connector type HDR or MDR. Often new camera or frame grabber have now HDR connector. With Bit Maxx you could choose different connectors at each end.

We have a Dalsa Xcelera PX4 full PCI express frame grabber (1.5Keuros with the Sapera LT SDK). We use windows 7 64bits , Visual C++, on a 6 cores CPU, fast disk 15K rpm.

I am currently working on access to custom parameters of the camera through the serial link embedded in the cameralink cable.

If you have a very long distance between the camera and the PC with the frame grabber Pleora have a new product which take 1 to 4 cameralink at the input an a 10GBits ethernet link at the output going to a network board in the PC (a little bit expensive 3Keuros + 1Keuros for the network board).

Hope this will help, do you have questions?


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