The Visible spEctroGraph and polArimeter (VEGA) was installed in September 2007 at the CHARA array. VEGA measures spectrally dispersed interference fringes, providing a spatial resolution of 0.3 mas and spectral resolutions from R = 6,000 to 30,000 over a wavelength of 480-850nm. 

VEGA can be used to measure the fundamental properties of stars, study their stellar activity, and analyze the spatial and kinematic properties of their circumstellar environments.

Visit the VEGA website for more information.  The VEGA Observing page includes user manuals and documentation on preparing observations and reducing data.

Instrument Paper

VEGA: Visible spEctroGraph and polArimeter for the CHARA array: principle and performance - Mourard et al. 2009, A&A, 508, 1073 (pdf)


The VEGA team and beam combiner.