The IDL OIFITS library allows users to read and write optical interferometry data.

The OIFITS simulator is a tool to assist in observation planning or in reconstructed image artifact analysis. The program has the ability to either (1) simulate the data from an interferometer given a list of observational hour angles and a FITS image of what the source looks like, or (2) copy the UV coverage of an existing observation and simulate the data given a FITS image of the source

SIMTOI is a general-purpose model fitting program for optical interferometry. It is designed to model complex astrophysical sources whose analytic Fourier transform is not easily computed. SIMTOI leverages the Open Graphics Language (OpenGL) and the Open Compute Language (OpenCL) to convert and compare its 3D, time- and wavelength-dependent models with several different types of data. SIMTOI can be used for simulation, visualization, minimization, and model selection problems.

SQUEEZE is an image reconstruction for optical interferometry. It is designed to image complex astrophysical sources, while (optionally) modeling them simultaneously with analytic models.