Dr. Fabien Baron to Receive the Dean’s Early Career Award

Dr. Fabien Baron has been selected to receive the Dean’s Early Career Award in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Astronomers Study Variability In Seven Sisters Star Cluster

An international team of astronomers has used a new algorithm to enhance observations from the NASA Kepler Space Telescope in its K2 Mission and perform the most detailed study yet of the variability of the Seven Sisters star cluster.


NOAO Press Release

CHARA Array Awarded $3.9 Million To Provide Telescope Access To Scientists Across The Nation


WSB-TV2 Space Weather TV spot

The CHARA Array recently featured along with Georgia State University Astronomers and Solar Physicists in a news piece on WSB Atlanta about space weather, how it can affect us on Earth and how studying other stars with the CHARA Array may help further human understanding of the sun's behavior and the space weather it creates.


ALPAO Press Release

Georgia State University and ALPAO Sign Agreement for Adaptive Optics Upgrade on Telescopes at CHARA.


'Starspot' Images Give Insights into Early Sun

ANN ARBOR—Astronomers at the University of Michigan have taken close-up pictures of a nearby star that show starspots—sunspots outside our solar system.


Astronomers Image the Exploding Fireball Stage of a Nova

MOUNT WILSON, Calif.–Astronomers at Georgia State University’s Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) have observed the expanding thermonuclear fireball from a nova that erupted in the constellation Delphinus in 2013 with unprecedented clarity.


Astronomers Capture a Rare Stellar Eclipse in Opening Scene of Year-long Show

For the first time, a team of astronomers has imaged the eclipse of the star Epsilon Aurigae by its mysterious, less luminous companion star.


MIRC images of Two Red Supergiants in the OB1 Cluster

MIRC imaged two red supergiants in the Per OB1 association and detected a hotspot on the surface of T Per.


Improved Orbits for ω And, HD 178911, and ξ Cephei

Researchers at CHARA have published improved orbits for ω And, HD 178911, and ξ Cephei.