During the final design and construction phases of the CHARA Array, a number of Technical Reports were prepared. These reports continue to be produced from time to time and are made available here

  1. CHARA's Wobblers: Preliminary Specifications, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  2. Visibility, Optical Tolerances, and Error Budget, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  3. Optical Layout and Error Budget for the Telescope, Catseye, and Beam Compressor, L. Ming (NOAO)

  4. Pipes of Pan - Switchable Optical Delay, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA), T.A. ten Brummelaar & W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA)

  5. Notes on Using 1.8 meter Telescopes, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  6. Strehl Ratio and Coherence Loss in Long Baseline Interferometry, T.A. ten Brummelaar, W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  7. Effect of Telescope Deformation on Visibility and Strehl, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  8. Telescope Specifications, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  9. Telescope Design, L. Barr, A. Gerzoff (NOAO) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  10. Telescope Enclosure Specifications, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  11. Interferometer Layouts on Mount Wilson, W.G. Bagnuolo, W.I. Hartkopf (CHARA) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  12. Interferometer Sites on Mount Palomar and Kitt Peak, W.G. Bagnuolo, W.I. Hartkopf (CHARA) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  13. Site Selection for the CHARA Array, H.A. McAlister (CHARA)

  14. Including the Mt. Wilson 100-inch Telescope in the CHARA Array, W.G. Bagnuolo, W.I. Hartkopf (CHARA)

  15. Telescope Primary Mirror Optical Requirements, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA) & L.D. Barr (NOAO)

  16. Telescope Primary Mirror Specifications, L.D. Barr (NOAO) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  17. Wind Effects vs. Optical Path Length Changes for the Telescopes - A Preliminary Rationale, L.D. Barr (NOAO)

  18. The CHARA Array as an ASEPS Resource, H.A. McAlister, W.G. Bagnuolo, W.I. Hartkopf, B.D. Mason (CHARA)

  19. Wobbler Servo Requirements (revised), T.A. ten Brummelaar, J. Hildebrand (CHARA) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  20. Miscellaneous Telescope Drive Considerations, L.D. Barr (NOAO)

  21. Mount Design Issues, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA), L.D. Barr (NOAO) & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  22. Telescope Enclosure Considerations and Cost Estimate, J. Barr (NOAO) & S.T. Ridgway NOAO & CHARA)

  23. Building Requirements for the CHARA Array, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA), W.G. Bagnuolo, T.A. ten Brummelaar & H.A. McAlister (CHARA)

  24. Correlation Measurement and Group Delay Tracking with a Noisy Detector, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  25. Observing AGNs with an Optical Interferometer, B.D. Mason & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  26. Beam Synthesis Facility Design Considerations, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA) & H.A. McAlister (CHARA)

  27. Preliminary Unit Cost Estimate for the Mechanical Portion of the CHARA 1-m Telescopes, L.D. Barr (NAOA)

  28. Polarization Revisited, S.T. Ridgway (NAOA & CHARA) & W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA)

  29. Modeling a Large Baseline Optical Stellar Interferometer Using Zernike Polynomials, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  30. OPLE and POP Considerations, W.G. Bagnuolo & W.I. Hartkopf (CHARA)

  31. CHARA Telescope Specifications and Description: A Supplement to the CHARA Engineering Drawings, L.D. Barr (NOAO)

  32. Telescope Secondary Mirror Specifications, S.T. Ridgway (NAOA & CHARA)

  33. Performance Study of the Primary Mirror: Effects of the Axial and Lateral Support, L.D. Barr (NOAO)

  34. Enclosures and Domes, S.T. Ridgway (NAOA & CHARA)

  35. Optical Table Requirements, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  36. Directed Initial Reduction of Terrain, W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  37. Optical Performance of the First Primary Mirror, W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA)

  38. OPLE Mirror Specifications and Requirements, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  39. The Telescope Secondary as a Tip/Tilt Mirror, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  40. Preliminary Software Issues, M. Collins & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  41. OPLE Optical Table Requirements, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  42. Vibration Tests on the Western OPLE Inertial Slab, N.H. Turner (CHARA) & K. Eckmeder (Newport Corp.)

  43. BCL Optical Table Requirements, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  44. OPLE Drive Issues, L.D. Barr (NOAO) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  45. Telescope Structural Overview, M.K. Cho (NOAO)

  46. The Need for Additional Array Telescopes, W.G. Bagnuolo, H.A. McAlister & A.B. Kaye (CHARA)

  47. Stress in the CHARA Primary Mirror Due to Lifting from the Central Hole, L.D. Barr (NOAO)

  48. The 3D Layout of the CHARA Array, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  49. Expanding (U,V)-Plane Coverage with Outriggers, W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA)

  50. The OPLE 'T' Support System, S.T. Ridgway (NAOA & CHARA) & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  51. A 'Strawman' Observing Method and the Array Control System, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  52. Telescope and Dome Control Requirements, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  53. Wobbler Servo Control Requirements, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  54. Another Array Option on Mt. Wilson, W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA), S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA) & W.I. Hartkopf (CHARA)

  55. Application of a Single Board CCD Camera on a Pentax PCS-215 Theodolite, L. Sturmann (CHARA)

  56. Testing of a Picomotor in the Pressure Range of 0.1-10 Torr, L. Sturmann (CHARA)

  57. Beam-Compressor Mirror Specifications and Requirements, W.G. Bagnuolo(CHARA)

  58. Binary Astronomy Accuracy with Two Telescopes, W.G. Bagnuolo(CHARA)

  59. Flat Mirror Requirements and Specifications, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  60. OPLE Sleeper and Rail Installation Trip Report, W.G. Bagnuolo, W.I. Hartkopf, C.H. Hopper, H.A. McAlister, L.C. Roberts & L. Sturmann (CHARA)

  61. Beam Combining Optical Components, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  62. Self-Weight Deflections of 8-inch Diameters, L.D. Barr (NOAO) & S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  63. Alignment Telescopes, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  64. Design Considerations for the CHARA Optical Delay System Mechanical Support Structure, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA), H.A. McAlister, W.G. Bagnuolo, T.A. ten Brummelaar & M.A. Shure (CHARA)

  65. Plan for Alignment of CHARA Optical Path Length Equalizer Supports and Shafts, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  66. Acquisition Cameras, L. Sturmann (CHARA)

  67. OPLE Cart: Schedule for Delivery from JPL, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  68. Timing and Network Requirements on Mount Wilson, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  69. Optical Path Stability and Fringe Tracking in Optical Stellar Interferometry, R.A. Frazin (UI)

  70. Coding Practices for the CHARA Array, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA) & A. Booth (SUSI)

  71. Small Mirror Specifications, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  72. Choice of Materials for Small Optics, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  73. Aluminum Tube Specification for CHARA Beam Transport, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  74. Local Clocks for Device Controllers, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  75. The Master Clock, L. Sturmann (CHARA)

  76. Beam-Compressor Mirror Specifications, Invitation to Bid, W.G. Bagnuolo(CHARA)

  77. Tertiary Mirror Specifications & Requirements, M.A. Shure (CHARA), S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA) & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  78. Relay Mirror Specifications & Requirements, M.A. Shure (CHARA), S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA) & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  79. Fringe Tracking and Visible Imaging: Camera Specifications, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  80. Thermal Effects on Vacuum Tube Supports, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  81. CHARA Array User Interface: Programmer's Manual (June 2000 Version), T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  82. The CHARA First Light Beam Combiner, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  83. First Fringe Program Plan, H.A. McAlister (CHARA)

  84. Beam Heights and Optical Table Alignment, T.A. ten Brummelaar & N.H. Turner (CHARA)

  85. Vacuum Tube Support and Sealing Considerations, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  86. Imaging and Fourier Coverage: Mapping with Depleted Arrays, P.G. Tuthill (SUSI) & J.D. Monnier (UMich)

  87. Visibility Measurements from Fringe Amplitudes Using MathCad with Application to Upsilon Andromedae, H.A. McAlister (CHARA)

  88. Vacuum Access Procedures , S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA) & J. Sturmann (CHARA)

  89. Plan for Commissioning of the CHARA Vacuum System, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  90. A CHARA Observation Planning Tool, J.P. Aufdenberg (NOAO)

  91. Optical Coatings for CHARA Reflective Surfaces , S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  92. OPLE Rail Alignment Procedures , C.E. Ogden (CHARA)

  93. Optimum Pixel Size for NIRO Input Optics, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  94. Periscope Mounts and the DL Front Positions, B. Thompson (CHARA)

  95. Telescope Alignment Errors, L. Sturmann & J. Sturman (CHARA)

  96. The Classic/CLIMB Date Reduction: The Math, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  97. The Classic/CLIMB Date Reduction: The Software, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  98. Using the Mean Power Spectrum to Compute the Visibility with REDFLUOR, G. H. Schaefer (CHARA)

  99. CLASSIC J-Band Calibration, Schaefer, ten Brummelaar, Farrington, Sturmann, Anderson, Majoinen, & Vargas (CHARA)

  100. Dynamical Modeling of CHARA AO, J.-B. Le Bouquin (Grenoble & UMich)

  101. The AO Beam Splitters at the Telescopes, J. Sturmann

  102. Remote Observing at CHARA, J. Jones

  103. CLASSIC/CLIMB++: What should it be?, T. ten Brummelaar, M.-A. Martinod, & P. Tuthill

  104. Alignment Maintenance Task List for Daytime, J. Sturmann

  105. CLASSIC/CLIMB++: Optical Layout and Implementation, T. ten Brummelaar & P. Tuthill

  106. The Pipes of Pan Mirrors, J. Sturmann

  107. In preparation.

  108. OPLE Rail Alignment Procedure, J. Sturmann

  109. Telescope and Coude Path Alignment: Procedures after mirror recoating, L. Sturmann & J. Sturmann

  110. CHARA Futures Meeting, D. Gies, T. ten Brummelaar, & G. Schaefer

  111. Telescope Mirror Removal and Alignment Procedure Notes, N. Scott

Older Preliminary Engineering Design Reports

The following appendices are available from the final report of the NSF-Supported "Phase B" engineering study for the CHARA Array. This report was the primary supporting technical document for the proposal submitted to the NSF for construction funding for the CHARA Array.

  1. Configuration Diagram from CHARA's Original Proposal, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  2. Configuration Diagram (March 2000 Revision), T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  3. A. Science Objectives, H.A. McAlister (CHARA)

  4. B. Array Configuration, W.G. Bagnuolo & W.I. Hartkopf (CHARA)

  5. C. Telescopes, W.G. Robinson (GTRI)

  6. D. Polarization Effects, W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA)

  7. E. Diffraction Effects, W.G. Bagnuolo (CHARA)

  8. F. Beam Transfer, A.K. Garrison (GTRI)

  9. G. Optical Path Length Equalization, A.K. Garrison (GTRI)

  10. H. Beam Sampling, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  11. I. Visible Light Fringe Tracking, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  12. J. Evaluation of the Channel Spectrum, J.W. Beletic (GTRI)

  13. K. Visible Light Imaging, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  14. L. Infrared Beam Combining and Dectection, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  15. M. Alignment, N.H. Turner & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  16. N. Differential Path Considerations, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  17. O. Signal to Noise Issue in Quadrant Detectors, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  18. P. Use of CCDs for Fringe Tracking, J.W. Beletic (GTRI)

  19. Q. Performance Limits, W.G. Bagnuolo & T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  20. R. Throughput Calculations and Limiting Magnitudes, T.A. ten Brummelaar (CHARA)

  21. S. Adaptive Optics, S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  22. T. Thermal Control and Optical Tolerances (Rev 10/96), S.T. Ridgway (NOAO & CHARA)

  23. U. Computer Control, W. Daley & R. Carey (GTRI)

  24. V. Weather Considerations in Site Selection, D.E. Holland (USAF Phillips Lab)

  25. W. Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation, G. Lindsey (SHB Agra, Inc.)

  26. X. Site Facilities, R.G. Vaughan (Kemper-Vaughan, Inc.)

  27. Y. Spectroscopic Capability, I.K. Furenlid & W.G. Bagnuolo, Jr. (CHARA)

  28. Z. Systems Engineering, W.G. Robinson (GTRI)