2017 CHARA Science Meeting

Download the power point template for the 2017 CHARA Science meeting.

Download the power point template for the Community Workshop. 

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CHARA Science Meeting


Monday, March 13, 2017

Session Chair Topic Speaker Length Start Time
  Process Badges   30 8:30 AM
Michelle Creech-Eakman Welcome and an Update on CHARA Douglas Gies 20 9:00 AM
  Welcome from Mount Wilson Institute Tom Meneghini 10 9:20 AM
  Welcome to Carnegie John Mulchaey 10 9:30 AM
  Update on the Adaptive Optics Program and the MSIP program Theo ten Brummelaar 20 9:40 AM
  NOAO-CHARA lessons learned Stephen Ridgway 10 10:00 AM
  Control Room Upgrades and Scheduling Christopher Farrington 20 10:10 AM
  Coffee Break   30 10:30 AM
Nic Scott ALOHA at CHARA – L-band Prospects François Reynaud 20 11:00 AM
  Seeing and Weather Statistics Nils Turner 20 11:20 AM
  Observing report and seeing statistics Norm Vargas 20 11:40 AM
  Automated Telescope and Lab. Laser Beam Alignment Laszlo Sturmann 20 12:00 AM
  Lunch   60 12:20 PM
Ellyn Baines Challenges of Operating two Complementary AO Systems Judit Sturmann 20 1:20 PM
  Initial Findings from Adaptive Optics Subsystems Matt Anderson 20 1:40 PM
  MIRCx and MYSTIC: instrumentation work update Narsireddy Anugu 20 2:00 PM
  VEGA recent results and ongoing programs Anthony Meilland 20 2:20 PM
  SPICA: a new visible combiner for CHARA Denis Mourard 20 2:40 PM
  Coffee Break   30 3:00 PM
Paul Nunez PAVO Science Update Daniel Huber 20 3:30 PM
  Recent progress on FRIEND project Marc-Antoine Martinod 20 3:50 PM
  GMT Update Antonin Bouchez 20 4:10 PM
  TMT Update Christophe Dumas 20 4:30 PM
  End of Day     4:50 PM


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Session Chair Topic Speaker Length Start Time
Matt Anderson Current Status of NPOI Ellyn Baines 15 9:00 AM
  Status of NPOI Upgrades Gerard van Belle 15 9:15 AM
  Progress Update on MROI Michelle Creech-Eakman 20 9:30 AM
  An Update on the VLTI Christian Hummel 20 9:50 AM
  JMMC: Service Status & Perspectives Laurent Bourges 10 10:10 AM
  Coffee Break   30 10:20 AM
Russel White Fantastic Codes and Where to Find Them Fabien Baron 20 10:50 AM
  Updates on Characterization of Stars -- With and Without Planets Kaspar von Braun 20 11:10 AM
  Latest results from the CHARA/JouFLU hot disks survey Paul Nunez 20 11:30 AM
  Monitoring of Exozodi Targets Nic Scott 20 11:50 AM
  Lunch   60 12:10 PM
Narsireddy Anugu The Ages of Adolescent Age Stars: From Pre- to Post-Main Sequence Russel White 20 1:10 PM
  Fundamental Properties of O and B Stars Katie Gordon 20 1:30 PM
  High-precision orbit and stellar parameters for the spotted star UX Ari from MIRC observations Christian Hummel 20 1:50 PM
  Mapping the Orbit of Iota Orionis Gail Schaefer 20 2:10 PM
  Surface and Circumstellar Structures in Early-Type Interacting Binaries Geraldine Peters 20 2:30 PM
  Confronting Models of Colliding-Winds Binaries with Visual Orbits from Long-Baseline Interferometry Noel Richardson 20 2:50 PM
  Meeting Summary and Closing Remarks Douglas Gies 5 3:10 PM
  Group photo outside All 5 3:15 PM
  End of Day     3:20 PM
  Conference Reception Tuesday Evening     6:00 PM


CHARA Community Workshop

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Session Chair Topic Speaker Length Start Time
       Process Badges
  30 8:30 AM
Daniel Huber  Welcome and Opening Remarks for the Workshop  Douglas Gies 10 9:00 AM
  Principles of Interferometry and Overview of the CHARA Array Theo ten Brummelaar 40 9:10 AM
  Science Review - Recent Results at the CHARA Array Gail Schaefer 30 9:50 AM
  Observing Strategies Chris Farrington 20 10:20 AM
       Coffee Break   30 10:40 AM
Denis Mourard Applying for Time at the CHARA Array Steve Ridgway 20 11:10 AM
  Applying for Time at the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) Christian Hummel 20 11:30 AM
  JMMC Observation Preparation Tools (Aspro2 /SearchCal) Laurent Bourges 20 11:50 AM
  Imaging and Modeling Software - OIFITS Data Format Fabien Baron 20 12:10 AM
       Lunch   65 12:30 PM
Noel Richardson Science Topic: Stellar Diameters Kaspar von Braun 15 1:30PM
  Science Topic: Ages of Stars Jeremy Jones 15 1:45 PM
  Science Topic: Imaging Stellar Surfaces Fabien Baron 15 2:00 PM
  Overiew: Navy Precision Optical Interferometer Gerard van Belle 15 2:15 PM
  Overview: Magdelena Rdige Observatory Interferometer Michelle Creech-Eakman 15 2:30 PM
       Coffee Break and Open Discussion      
  Open time to talk with CHARA staff members about ideas for CHARA observing programs All 75 2:45 PM
       End of Day     4:00 PM


Tour of CHARA Facilities at Mt Wilson

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time Scheduled Events
9:00 AM Departure from the Fuller Center for carpools
10:00 AM Arrival at Mount Wilson Observatory
  Small group tours of the CHARA Facilities:
          Control Room, S2 Telescope, OPLE/Beam Combination Lab
12:00 PM Lunch in CHARA Display Hall
1:00 PM Visit the 100-inch and MWO Museum
2:00 PM Departure for Pasadena
3:00 PM Return to Pasadena