2019 CHARA Science Meeting 


The 2019 CHARA and NPOI Science Meeting will be located at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ.  The meeting will take place in the "Planetary Research Center" building.

Map of Flagstaff

Map of Lowell Observatory Campus


A large number of hotels and motels are local to Lowell Observatory and downtown Flagstaff, with properties in greater Flagstaff also available.  A few hotels that are conveniently located relative to the observatory, and within walking distance to a number of restaurants for dining options are listed below.

Additional information about other local hotels and Northern Arizona's tourist attractions may be found at the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce or the City of Flagstaff web site.

Air Travel

The most convenient travel option is to fly directly to Flagstaff's Pulliam Airport (FLG) itself, which now enjoys 100% jet service. The commuter flight from Phoenix to Flagstaff on American Airlines is recommended for those who enjoy looking out the windows of airplanes (sit on the 'A' seat side of the aircraft). Don't be surprised, though, if you have to call for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft once you arrive in FLG. If you want a rental car in Flagstaff, we strongly advise you to make advance reservations before arriving at the Flagstaff airport. Upon leaving the airport, take I-17 north into town.

Some increased travel flexibility is available by flying to Phoenix and then taking a ground shuttle or renting a car there.  Driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff takes about 2 hours. If you need to stay overnight in Phoenix, here is a page of airport hotels.

Shuttle from Phoenix to Flagstaff

Arizona Shuttle offers a shuttle service between the Phoenix airport and Flagstaff. It costs $49 one way if you make your reservation on-line. The shuttle will drop you at the Amtrak train station downtown. You can take a taxi from there, or there is limited rental car availability with a desk in the train station (Hertz).

Rental Cars

Like many western towns, Flagstaff's historic downtown and neighboring streets are pedestrian friendly and easily accessible by walking.  If you stay in a hotel near downtown, there are plenty of evening dining options within 1km.   However, for those venturing across town or further, a rental car can be useful.  We will look into arranging to share rides from the hotels to Lowell Observatory on the meeting days.

Driving Directions - Phoenix to Flagstaff

Some people choose to fly to Phoenix instead of Flagstaff, and then rent a car. This is a beautiful 2-hour drive, with the rental cost probably roughly equal to the airfare savings. Depart the Phoenix airport and head west. Follow signs for I-17 North from the airport (I-10 West will also take you to I-17). Simply stay on I-17 for about 150 miles until you reach Flagstaff. The drive takes you through a variety of ecosystems beginning with concrete/asphalt, moving through creosote/saguaro, then pinyon/juniper, and ending in ponderosa pine.

Ground Transportation in Flagstaff

In Flagstaff, there are a number of taxi services available, and Uber and Lyft are both available.