CHARA Community Workshop - Toledo

University of Toledo

McMaster Hall - Room MH 4009


Schedule for Friday, September 8, 2017

Download pdf version of the schedule.

Topic Speaker Length Time
  15 10:45 AM
Welcome and Overview of the CHARA Array Douglas Gies 30 11:00 AM
Principles of Interferometry and Science Review Gail Schaefer 40 11:30 AM
Applying for Time at the CHARA Array Douglas Gies 30 12:10 PM
Applying for Time at the Very Large Telescope Interfereometer Jean Baptiste Le Bouquin 20 12:40 PM
        Lunch   60 1:00 PM
Observing Strategies and Planning Software Gail Schaefer 20 2:00 PM
Data Format and Modeling/Imaging Software Gail Schaefer 20 2:20 PM
Science Topic: Summary of Imaging Result with MIRC John Monnier 20 2:40 PM
Science Topic: Massive Stars Noel Richardson 20 3:00 PM
Science Topic: Investigating Disk Physics with Interferometry Aaron Sigut 20 3:20 PM
Open discussion to talk about ideas for CHARA observing All 20 3:40 PM
      End of Workshop     4:00 PM
Tour of Ritter Observatory Noel Richardson   4:00 PM