OFITS Format

OIFITS is the standard data exchange format for Optical Interferometry.  It is based on the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS).  OIFITS files include data tables for storing interferometric observables, including squared visibilities and closure phases. 

Visit the OIFITS webpage.

A Data Exchange Standard fro Optical (Visible/IR) Interferometry - Pauls, T. A., et al. Pub. Astron. Soc. Pacific, 117, 1255 (2005)

OIFITS 2: the 2nd version of the data exchange standard for optical interferometry - Duvert, G., et al. Astron. and Astrophys., 597, 8 (2017)


IDL Library

The IDL library is maintained by John Monnier at the University of Michigan.  It is designed to read and write optical interferometry data conforming to the OIFITS standard.

Download the IDL OIFITS Library.

Example of how to extract visibility data using IDL.


C Library

OIFITSlib is a C library for input/output, merging, filtering and checking of optical/IR interferometry datasets in the OIFITS exchange format.

Download OFITSlib.


OIFITS Explorer

OIFITS Explorer is a software tool developed by JMMC to explore reduced interferometric data.  The software can be used to make plots of the uv coverage, visibilities, and closure phases.

Download OIFITS Explorer.