Photo Tour of the CHARA Array


Aerial photo of Mount Wilson (Eric Simison, Sea West Enterprises).
Layout of the CHARA Array.
Overhead view showing the 100 inch dome, the CHARA beam combination lab, and four of six CHARA telescopes. (Nic Scott)
Aerial view of Mt. Wilson Observatory with Los Angeles in the background. (Nic Scott)
Aerial view showing the 100 inch dome and the CHARA beam combination lab.
Sunrise over the light pipe at the E1 telescope (Steve Golden).
Night view of CHARA telescope.
Night time at the E1 telescope.
Night time at the E1 telescope.
CHARA telescope with dome closed.
CHARA telescope with dome open.
CHARA telescope inside the dome (Steve Golden).
Dr. Laszlo Sturmann looking into CHARA telescope.
CAD drawing of CHARA telescope (Laszlo Sturmann).
Vacuum light pipes transport star light from the telescope into the beam combination lab.
Two light pipelines side by side.
Light pipes from all 6 telescopes entering the beam combination lab along the 3 arms of the array.
Vacuum turning boxes make six lines parallel while preserving polarization.
Delay lines equalize the pathlength from each telescope.
Carts move along the delay lines to equalize the pathlength.
Carts move along the delay lines to equalize the pathlength.
Beam reducing telescopes compress the beam. Dichroics separate the visible and infrared light (Steve Golden).
Beam reducing telescopes and delay lines (Steve Golden).
Beam combining tables combine the light from multiple telescopes and record the interference fringes (Steve Golden).
CHARA control room.
CHARA office building.
Installation of adaptive optics bench on the CHARA telescopes.
Building of the CHARA Array - placement of the CHARA domes.