2018 CHARA Instrumentation and Science Meeting


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Monday, March 12, 2018

Session Chair Topic - CHARA Updates and Instrumentation Speaker Length Start Time
  Registration   30 9:30 AM
Pierre Kervella Welcome Vincent Coude du Foresto 10 10:00 AM
  CHARA Year in Review Douglas Gies 20 10:10 AM
  CHARA Array instrumentation progress: Telescopes, Alignment, Light Sources, and Adaptive Optics Theo ten Brummelaar 20 10:30 AM
  ALPAO new projects and CHARA DMs development update Bertrand Charlet 20 10:50 AM
  Hardware Upgrades Matt Anderson 20 11:10 AM
  Coffe Break   25 11:30 AM
Katie Gordon Observing and Scheduling Statistics Christopher Farrington 15 11:55 AM
  Control System Upgrade Nils Turner 15 12:10 AM
  The CHARA Server: Remote Data Reduction, Remote Observing, and the Database Jeremy Jones 20 12:25 AM
  Latest developments of JMMC tools and database Gilles Duvert 20 12:45 PM
  Lunch   85 1:05 PM
Arturo Martinez Update on MIRC-X instrumentation work Stefan Kraus 20 2:30 PM
  Characterization of the new e-APD camera of MIRCX Cyprien Lanthermann 20 2:50 PM
  Plans for the MYSTIC Combiner John Monnier 20 3:10 PM
  Pipeline of MIRCX/MYSTIC : status and performance Jean-Baptiste Le Bouquin 20 3:30 PM
  Deformable mirror tests aimed to improve fiber coupling efficiency of JouFLU Stefan Kuiper 20 3:50 PM
  Coffee Break   25 4:10 PM
Roxanne Ligi VEGA status report and recent results Karine Perraut 20 4:35 PM
  Long baseline interferometry in the visible: FRIEND project achievements and prospects Marc-Antoine Martinod 20 4:55 PM
  The ALOHA@CHARA L band project Francois Reynaud 20 5:15 PM
  The ALOHA@CHARA experimental developments Lucien Lehmann 20 5:35 PM
  End of Day     5:55 PM
  Wine and Cheese     6:00 PM


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Session Chair Topic - Other Facilities and Science Speaker Length Start Time
Jeremy Jones Synergies between the CHARA Array and VLTI Antoine Merand 20 9:45 AM
  NPOI Update Gerard van Belle 20 10:05 AM
  MROI - what's happening David Buscher 20 10:25 AM
  Design, fabrication and delivery of the MROI Unit Telescope Enclosure - an unique technical achievement. Ifan Payne 20 10:45 AM
  Group Photo ALL 10 11:05 AM
  Coffee Break   25 11:15 AM
Stefan Kraus Visibility Calibration and Community Access Time Gail Schaefer 20 11:50 AM
  New image reconstruction codes: machine learning and surface imaging Fabien Baron 20 12:00 PM
  Imaging Spotted Giant Stars Rachael Roettenbacher 20 12:20 PM
  Cepheids and Gaia's second data release Pierre Kervella 20 12:40 PM
  Lunch   90 1:00 PM
 Karine Perraut CHARA/VEGA focus on classical Be stars and hot supergiants Robert Klement 20 2:30 PM
  RY Tau and HD 142666: insights from the CHARA/CLIMB YSO survey Claire Davies 20 2:50 PM
  Sublimation fronts in the highly inclined disk of the T-Tauri star SU Aurigae Aaron Labdon 20 3:10 PM
  Transitional Disk around MWC 614 Jacques Kluska 20 3:30 PM
  Coffee Break   30 3:50 PM
Rachael Roettenbacher Angular Diameters and Effective Temperatures of O and B Stars Katie Gordon 20 4:20 PM
  From stellar to planetary parameters: the input of high angular resolution Roxanne Ligi 20 4:40 PM
  Current work in Speckle interferometry Nic Scott 20 5:00 PM
  High-contrast interferometry: science case and measurement approach Denis Defrere 20 5:20 PM
  Detecting faint binary companions using phases Henrique Schmitt 20 5:40 PM
  End of Day     6:00 PM

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Session Chair Topic - Future Perspectives Speaker Length Start Time
Robert Klement Recent progresses of the SPICA project Denis Mourard 20 9:45 AM
  Definition of a 6-beam fringe tracker for SPICA Frederic Cassaing 20 10:05 AM
  Preliminary characterisation of J and H band-six telescope discrete beam combiner Ettore Pedretti 20 10:25 AM
  Discrete beam combiners from visible to mid-infrared Stefano Minardi 20 10:45 AM
  Coffee Break   30 11:05 AM
 Claire Davies CHARA Futures Douglas Gies 45 11:35 AM
  Discussion ALL 40 12:20 PM
  End of Day     1:00 PM